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"Tyler’s curious, empathetic, and engaged mind led him to ask questions that drove right at my present interests and struggles. He pushed past the typical reserve of most conversations to engage with something at the core of my life. Tyler has the magnetic personality of a leader with a true talent for engaging with and guiding other people."

  -- BM, San Francisco, CA

Attractive Young Woman

"Tyler is a gifted teacher. I always noticed the excitement and enjoyment he experienced while introducing me to something new, trying to draw me out of my shell, or opening my mind to new ideas, concepts and experiences. I certainly benefited from his gifts."
           -- NP, Brooklyn, NY

Smiling Professional Looking Woman

"Tyler is amazing. He was able to quickly pick up on who I am, the intricacies of the issues I’m working on, and where I’m at. He was able to truly see things from my perspective, or better yet, the perspective of my best self, and through our work together I began to be able to see things from my best-self perspective as well."
                      -- AC, Oakland, CA


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