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An Internally and Externally Based Approach

Draw on the power of your mind, your heart, and your intuition to find places for internal change and external action. Discover and celebrate your unique talents and gifts, overcome obstacles, and set a vision for the future that's exciting, obtainable, and truly, clearly, deeply YOU. 

Campsite on Coast
Mountains and Glaciers
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In structured conversations, we establish trust and rapport at a cadence to suit your needs. 


Deep listening, expert reflection, and somatic insights reveal your highest ideals  and how you can live them more fully.


We untangle the knots, break big things into manageable pieces and develop clear benchmarks to clearly mark your progress as you identify your path and progress towards your goals.


Custom writing exercises, daily practices and weekly assignments are tailored just to you and your needs every step of the way.


These tools engage your left and right brain, your mind, your heart, and your “gut” or intuition.


They help get you clearer on what you already know and open you to possibilities greater than you've previously imagined.


Together, we unpack the rich material you generate and help you move from ideas to reality.


Need more than regular one-on-one’s? No problem.

Need a quick check-in before or after a big presentation or decision to help you get into your best space?


Need to touch base between sessions to stay on track?


I've got you, and together we maximize your learning and growth every step of the way.


  • Realizing Creative Projects

  • Leadership skills

  • Self-confidence

  • Living more fully

  • Finding meaning/purpose

  • Career satisfaction

  • Work / Life Balance

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Intentional living

  • Negative Thoughts

  • Anxiety

  • Self realization

  • Positive Self Regard

  • Relationships

  • Social Connection


Let's get started with a free consultation.

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